Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Big Bird

I mean, what else would you call a big yellow C-130 Hercules? This is one of my more unusual photo edits, in that there aren't any 1/6th items in it at all.

I started wondering, how does the Adventure Team deploy all those vehicles and fuzzy-headed guys all over the world? Obviously they'd have a transport aircraft of some sort, but what would it look like? This is my attempt to answer those quesitons.

No idea where I got the base shots. I'm not even sure if it's a real plane or a model. I was relatively new at doing sophisticated photo editing when I did this, and I could doubtless do better now. The green shadows and the too-dark tail don't look quite right. (Must be flying through the shadow of a cloud. Yeah, that's the ticket.) Still, fairly cool.

But then you start to wonder, what's in the plane? I had to look around quite a bit to find this base shot of vehicles being air-dropped, and then I used an existing shot of my custom MLV (Mobile Logistics Vehicle). I think it's a little undersized, but as I recall, I had to do it this way to make the perspective work.

Finally, my favorite of this bunch of photo edited shots. It really looks like I took my custom LMUTT mini-truck and plopped it down on the ground behind a Chinook helicopter. It's difficult to tell where the grass in the base shot stops, and the grass in my front yard starts. Stretched out, this makes a pretty cool desktop.

Hmm, I suppose I could have tried to make the Chinook yellow, but that's taking "flying banana" way too literally.

So, now you know more than you wanted to about AT air-deployment. "The Adventure Team is needed..."

...well, somewhere far away.

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