Saturday, April 14, 2007

My solution to the RC Yamaha Rhino head-room problem

A lot of people earlier this year were lucky enough to pick up radio controlled Yamaha Rhino utility ATVs that Wal-Mart had clearanced out at fire-sale prices (I got mine for $25, but I've heard of them going as low as $15).

This is very close to being a 1/6th vehicle, but the head room allowed under the roll bar makes getting a figure in there a tiqht squeeze. To fit, a figure needs to be short and well articulated (like an SA-body GI Joe). Taller figures, or with legs that aren't as flexible, or that had large head-gear just didn't fit.

There have been many solutions to this. Some people have removed the top cross-bar completely, or removed it to the rear, or raised the entire cage. Well, here's my solution, using hardware taken from a "Steel Tec" building set that I got at a thrift store for just a few bucks. Steel Tec sets and collections of parts often go for cheap on EBay (shop wisely, and you'll spend more shipping it than buying it) and all those little brackets and beams are great for work on 1/6th vehicles.

I used a couple of triangular brackets which raise the bar a little in the front, and a lot in the back. I think this configuration blends in well, and allows more head room while still preventing an un-belted figure from flying out of the vehicle during violent maneuvers. I had to drill out the side bars of the roll cage to take the larger Steel Tec screws, and I had to use my drill to slightly elongate the rear hold in the bracket to line up with the spacing of the existing screw locations in the side bar (find some small nuts and bolts, and you might avoid both steps, but I used what I had at hand).

The figure in the vehicle is one of my Minions, which is based on a G3 Power Team figure (tall body with a big head) and has a bulky combat helmet, making him pretty close to a worst-case for me. He fits just fine, so this can double as a Mk 2 Minionmobile.

Oh, and that's our cat Sydney. She seems to think she needs to be in every picture we take around here. Well, here she is in another one.

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