Thursday, December 06, 2007

Joe Sleeps with the Fishes

Over on my regular blog, in the posts here and here, you can read about the recent storm that turned my section of the world into an official disaster area, and how I got off relatively easy by only having a storage shed blown to bits. Lots of Joe stuff in that shed, but my wife and I got most of it out before any real damage was done. One box I intentionally left behind was a big box of nude CC Joes. I figured they could stand the water, and what was left of the shed needed ballast.

By 2AM the night of the storm, the roof of the shed had blown off, and the crate of Joes was exposed to the elements. As it was a flip-top box, it wasn't water tight from above, and it started to fill with rain.

So I dragged the box onto the porch to drain it and dry the contents so they could be brought inside. There was a lot of water. It was clean water though, and CC Joes are tough. In fact, since many of these were thrift store finds with price tags still attached, the soaking actually helped me easily remove a ton of the sticky tags.

Though the box was empty by this point, the condensation inside showed a clear water line. Even though it missed most of the storm and was only in the rain for a couple hours, it had an even four inches of water in the bottom. Not sure how much rain we got total over the course of a day, but I'd say it was probably over twice that much! Of course, places down the coast got up to 12 inches in just a few hours, so it could be worse. We traded rain for 125 MPH wind, and I have a ruined shed to show for it.

But Joe. Joe is a survivor.

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