Sunday, March 26, 2006

Weekend finds

I confess, I do love to shop. This Saturday I drove into Salem, Oregon, to see my niece's last high-school play (she's about to graduate) and managed to slip in a few hours of shopping time. Not only did I find the solar yard lights and the new TV stand I was looking for, but I also snagged a couple of good 1/6th deals.

The first was a Goodwill find, a huge set of plastic bags taped together which obviously had all or most of a Power Team lookout tower. I've been looking at these for a while, but they've never quite seemed worth the expense to me. But when I saw this bag marked at $12.99, I obviously couldn't pass on it. I grabbed it and ran for the checkout without examining it further. There were clearly some helmets and weapons and other items in there, but I just considered it gravy and didn't inspect closely.

Only later did I untape the two bags for a closer look, and discovered that, not only did I have the tower, I also had a Power Team "Military Life" play set! While the tower seems to be missing a couple pieces (the weapons, which I probably wouldn't have mounted for AT duty anyhow), the Military Life set seems complete, and many of the accessories were still in unopened bags! The bunk had never been assembled, and a clear rubber band still held the locker closed (with the bag of soft-goods still inside). I already have two Military Life sets and have been thinking about getting another, so this is excellent. The local AT now has a serious bunk-room available.

My other find was at Big Lots. Most of the Power Team (except for some Trailwalker sets on a high shelf) stuff was gone, and Joe was missing in action. But I did spot a stack of boxes, and the name "Dennis Miller" caught my eye. Sure enough, it was a stack of 12" talking Dennis Miller figures, all marked at $5. The figure looked like crap (a decent head on a sub-Ken doll body) but for $5, the suit looks good. I took home two.

Add this to the "Unknown Soldier" and Donald Trump I picked up at Tuesday Morning, and suddenly I have a bunch of excellent suits available for kitbashing.

The Dennis suit isn't as nice as the Donald's (not quite as crisp, Velcro closures, and the shirt has no sleeves under the coat) but it's decent, and unlike Donald, Dennis has real socks and shoes (Trump's are molded on). But both are excellent for the bucks, even if you toss the figures straight into the trash.

Overall, a good Joe day.

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Leviathan said...

So does Dennis have short, stumpy little arms like Ken? (Which would render his jacket useless for Joes?)