Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ANGRY JOE DAY 2006 is here!

Well, it's finally here. Angry Joe Day 2006, the day when we all shout to the skies out defiant cry, GI JOE LIVES!

Last year, when I declared the first Angry Joe Day, it was out of a sense of despair that 12" GI Joe was gone, possibly forever. But this year, there's still quite a bit to celebrate. There are the great 40th Anniversary Action Man sets on the way, the GI Joe Collector Club's continuation of the GI Joe 40th series, the flood of cheap 40th sets that have show up in various liquidation outlets, and the great "Foreign Adventurer" membership figure just announced by the club. That, plus the great response I've gotten on this contest give me great hope for the future.

Speaking of the contest, I have decided the winners, and I'll announce them a little later tonight when I have more time. Let me just say that it was VERY hard. All of you who entered did a great job, and you all deserve to win, but there just weren't enough prizes to go around, so I had to draw the line somewhere.

However, I'm pleased and excited to announce a last-minute adjustment that makes it just a little easier. Murry Corrigan of Corrigan Holsters has decided to donate a PAIR of custom holsters (made to order) for each of two lucky winners. Thanks, Murray. You do great work. Now I'm jealous of the winners!

Add this to the Target Talking Sailor previously donated by our good friend Sean Huxter, and three fewer people are going away empty-handed. Thanks, guys!

Sean chose his own winner for the Sailor, and Murray gave me a list of some of his favorite entries. I mingled it on with my own and awarded the holsters to two people on his list.

So stay tuned. Prizes tonight!

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