Friday, April 21, 2006

Good day for a repaint

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to pick up a Power Team guard tower at Goodwill. Much as I liked it, the monochrome dark-green look wasn't working for me. It made it look too plain and toy-like.

Today it was sunny and warm (a rarity around here lately) so I decided to take it out for a quick paint job. Used a combination of red and gray primer along with some dun-colored flat-camo paint. Here's a photo after I put it back together, along with an outdoor shot featuring some AT Joes, old and new.

I'll probably do some more detail painting using a brush, most likely painting the top of the roof-piece weathered silver, to represent corrugated metal.


Wesitron said...

I like that. I wish I'd picked one of those up back when they were in stores.

J. Steven York said...

I still haven't done the additional painting I was talking about. I did make one nice discovery though. The Hasbro coast-defender (there may have been other versions as well) 50cal machine gun plugs right into the hole where the original unrealistic tower gun attached.