Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Minions get their own blog!

(Update: Since posting this the URL for the Minions has changed. Find them a .

Since I know plenty of people who would doubtless enjoy the Minions toons I've been posting, and since many of them wouldn't necessarily be interested in the rest of what goes on around here, I've decided to give the Minions their own blog. Visit Minions for Hire to see the latest one, just posted.

You'll continue to see some behind-the-scenes Minions material here, such as this. I've decided that there are certain props and set-pieces that would be useful over-and-over in Minions toons, and thus it would be worth putting a bit of effort into making them. I finished the first one tonight, a cell-door for the Minions to (unsuccessfully) guard.

The door is constructed simply enough from a piece of foam-core board. It's trimmed out with wooden coffee stirrers that I snagged for free at the Safeway deli, some of those plastic twist-tie packers from toy packaging, a handle and hasp bent from small aluminum tubing, wooden dowels for bars, some small hex-head screws, and a "padlock" metal charm picked up at a craft store. The whole thing is painted and weathered with acrylic craft paint in various colors to give it a "rusty" look. The flash photo here is just to give you a clear look at it. You can see it with more realistic lighting over on Minions-for-Hire.

In-joke: You may be wondering why the hasp and lock are so shiny when the rest of the door is so rusty looking. Well, I figure people escape from this cell on a regular basis, so they get replaced -- a lot!

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