Monday, June 12, 2006

More Minions Extras

Okay, life and Minions have been keeping me busy enough that I haven't posted here in FOREVER. Here's a little Minions DVD extra from the current panel. If you haven't already seen the strip, I suggest you go check it out here before continuing.

This week's setup guest-stars three "Jurassic Park" T-Rexes. Actually, to be technical, two are "Jurassic Park," and the third is a lurid repaint from the "Mutations" line. While these are sub-scale for 12" figures, they're still plenty big enough to photograph well with them and look plenty scary.

My problem was how to get them posed the way I wanted. These are fantastic, very realistic, soft vinyl figures, but they have no articulation at all. They're rubbery statues. So how to get THREE of them standing up and snapping at my poor Minion's heels?

I tried various ways of interlocking their feet to create a kind of tripod. Didn't work. I tried propping them up with boxes, or holding their tails with spring clamps. Didn't work. Finally, I went out the back door of the office into my sun-porch and found a large, unused, flower pot. By folding the flexible tails on two of them and jamming them in, then hanging the third over the edge and propping up one foot with a box, I got more or less the look I wanted.

Otherwise, this is a very simple setup, and the first appearance of my new "catwalk" set-piece. It's supported on a couple of mailing tube covered with a stone-pattern self-adhesive contact paper. The chain came from the hardware store, along with all the goodies to build the catwalk. I think, actually, that the catwalk deserves its own post...

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