Monday, June 19, 2006

You will believe a Joe can fly!

I broke down and bought a "Ken as Superman" doll at Wal-Mart the other day for the costume. It galled me a bit to buy a suit of unknown quality and fit for $14.95, but now that I have it home, it was a bargain. I tossed the Ken and replaced it with an SA Joe. The Gung-ho Grip hands are good for flying poses, and he has the small feet, which fit the boots just fine. The bottom of the Velcro doesn't quite close, but it's well-covered by the cape.

I like the textured logo and the logo-belt-buckle, and while I was initially put off by the dark red, it's really growing on me. This is just a really nice Superman costume, and I doubt an expensive collector's figure could have done much better.

So how did Superman get a scar on his face? Well, he cut himself shaving, of course!

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