Monday, January 02, 2006

No More Mister Nice Atomic Man

I while back I scored a deal on some silver Neo Henshin Cyborgs and used one of them to make an updated "Mike Power, Atomic Man" kitbash. It was pretty cool, but I haven't done much with it for a while (I'd still like a real Mike Power shirt for him). But then the Cy-com guys using Henshin Cyborg bodies showed up at KB Liquidator, and suddenly Mike had access to a whole new range of "special mission" upgrades and attachments. Here he has the lower legs from a Cy Colossus, and the gun-arms from two of them.

Oh, yeah. Who's laughing now? Bring on the Intruders!

(Remember, with any of my posts, you can click on the small image for a MUCH larger version. One reason for posting to the blog was to be able to post large pictures with no loss of detail.)

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