Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Adventure Team - basement?

Not much time today, so just a quick post to keep my "something every day" promise.

As I said, when I posted the "Adventure Team Headquarters" shots a post or two back, I've been collecting props and furniture for this for a long time. The shelf-display in this shot represents an earlier effort, and an earlier concept. The heavily kitbashed "Ferris" figure was put together with the idea of a new generation of adventurers, coming along and following in their father's footsteps.

So it really isn't an Adventure Team Headquarters. The inspiration is more "Eric Forman's Basement" from "That 70s Show." Note, however, that many of the props found their way into the later display.

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Brigadier Graemon said...

Hey Mr. York--nice blog ya got here. Ya got some very nice photos of your troops and your A-T HQ Basement is WILD! I love it! Lots of neat doo-dads and thingies all over!

Glad I found your blog and saved it. Hope you keep it up because you have some great ideas!