Saturday, December 31, 2005

And two more

Okay, a few more examples of "found" 1/6th props. It's amazing what a little gold paint can do.

Here are a couple of golden artifacts for my adventure team, to hunt/find/display at headquarters. The thing on right I picked up in the 49-cent bin at a thrift store. It comes apart in the middle, and I suspect it may be a candy capsule of some kind, a tie-in to one of the Gremlins movies. I painted it gold, and added some red to the eyes. Instant "demon idol." As a bonus the gems from a modern "Mummy's Tomb" set are hidden inside.

The thing on the right is a fast-food toy as-found in that same 49-cent bin. I took it apart, removed the little pyramid from the top, hit it with some more gold paint, and another cool artifact.
In this next shot, you can see them being used in an actual AT photo. Adventure Dog seems very suspicious of that demon idol. Does he know something the rest of the Adventure Team doesn't?

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