Friday, December 09, 2005

Wall of interest

Nothing too exciting today. Just a little slice-of-life from here in my office at Hangar 18.

One consequence of being a writer is that you sometimes spend months at a time chained to your computer, staring at the same wall. This, is my wall.

I've just spent the last few days working in the office, and among other things, I added the two white shelves to the left (the longer white shelf above has been there since I moved in.

My major objective here, is that if I have to stare at a wall, it should at least be an interesting wall, something that will stimulate creativity. As such, there are quite a variety of odds-and-ends in the picture, many of them 1/6th related.

You can see several of my custom AT vehicles, the radio-controlled Escape Car 2 up and right, the LMUTT to the left of that, the radio-controlled H2 Hummer top and center, an AT motorcycle and scooter to the left of that. That's my repainted and modified Schwimmenwagen below the motorcycles. The purple New Bright New Beetle is a recent thrift-store find. I recently got a new remote for it (ordered directly from New Bright for $10 plus shipping) and plan to paint it white with Herbie stripes and numbers to match our 1:1 Herbie.

Also on the top shelf, you can see the 1/6th gold Cylon commander from Battlestar Galactica.

The lower white shelf has a mix of Timeless, 40th, and vintage figures and coffin boxes. The monitor for my computer is located directly under the shelf. Behind it is a vintage Estes Galactica "Viper" flying model rocket. It flies well, and has three or four flights to its record.

The smaller, brown, bookshelf has a variety of stuff: CDs, reference books, copies of some of my published work. There's also a collection of alien items on top (this is Hangar 18 after all!)

Some of the other items are connected to my published work. There are a pair of Conan action figures on the third shelf down (I wrote three Age of Conan novels, now in stores) and there are a couple of small Transformers figures above that (including Ratchet, who was featured in a story I wrote for the anthology, Transformers Legends).

Like I said, it's a wall, but at least it's not a boring wall.

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