Sunday, December 04, 2005

Bad Dog

Returning today to one of my more recent group posts, though likely seen here in greater variety and detail than you could see previously.

This "Hulk Dog" is from the second wave of "Incredible Hulk" movie theaters. In the movie, of course, the gamma-ray mutated hounds were huge, but in the case of this 6" scale figure, it turns him into a decent-sized 1/6th dog.

The front and rear legs are jointed, and the head (which turns side-to-side via a cut-joint) is rubbery, so the mouth can bite and hold onto things reasonably well. Sure, he won't pass for a "normal" dog, but in a fantasy or sci-fi setting, he's great. In this case, I figure my bad-ass kitbashed character has probably been letting his pup drink from the sludge ponds at the toxic waste dump where he hides out.

A studded leather or chain collar would finish this guy off nicely. I may have to add one at some point.

Another good example of how you shouldn't limit your 1/6th shopping to 1/6th scale characters.

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