Thursday, December 22, 2005

Holiday greetings

I think I mentioned before I'd be running some of my favorite holiday shots from the past. Here's one featuring our cat, Banzai, which I really like. Banzai was just a kitten then, a stray that we pulled in out of a December storm. He'd just had a major ear-mite treatment, and thus his "bad hair day." He could sit in your hand, and was a good fit in the back of this Max Steel sports car.

The "snow" on the car is actually just shelf-dust. I didn't notice it (I was busy trying to get Banzai to sit still and let me snap the picture) but it really showed up strongly under the flash.

The car on the right is my first "custom" vehicle, a fashion doll "Rolls" that I repainted, tricked out, and gave new wheels. To me, it now looks more like a British sports-car than a Rolls. I'm currently using it to display my "Spinal Tap" figures.

As it happens, we returned from our trip to find Banzai wasn't feeling well. If he doesn't improve by tomorrow, we may have to take him into the vet. Hopefully it's nothing, but he had a very close-call illness earlier this year, so send some good thoughts Banzai's way if you can.

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