Thursday, February 02, 2006

Angry? At myself!

Well, when I started this place up, one of my intentions was to host "Angry Joe Day?"

What, you ask, is Angry Joe Day? Well, last year, after the sad news came that Hasbro was pulling the plug on the 12" (and the 3 3/4") Joe lines, I announced a holiday in which we could all express our outrage in some healthy and creative way. Thus was born the first "Angry Joe Day," held on Feb. 1st, 2005.

You don't remember it? Well, neither did I. I realized a couple days ago that I'd let it slip my mind.

Well, given that there's only been one "Angry Joe Day" so far, to little fanfare, and that I am the God of Angry Joe Day (nobody else wanted the job), I am hereby announcing that "Angry Joe Day 2006" will be held on March 1st! (It somehow seems appropriate. It's a "what would Joe do?" thing. He'd "March First" is what Joe would do!)

Moreover, I am announcing a fun-photo contest. I'm looking for the best photos expressing one of the following themes: 12" Joe is canceled, and we're angry about it. 12' Joe in retirement. 12" Joe, we miss you. Or finally, Bring back the real GI Joe! Oh, yes, there will be prizes. I'll have to work out for details, but for sure there will be a genuine Joe or two, some signed books, and who knows what else?

Just email me the photos at (Rule update. Please include a SHIPPING ADDRESS with your entry, in case I need to get a prize out to you. I don't want to have to track you down afterwards if you're a winner.)

All entries fit for family viewing will be posted here, and by entering, you grant that right. Deadline is Feb. 26th, 2006. I am the judge. All bow before me. Bribes are welcome, but will be ignored for judging purposes. Void where prohibited by law or common sense.

Go out there and make me proud! Or at least, angry.

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