Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Angry Joe Day prize added!

As I promised over on the Sandbox, if I got enough entries, there would be more prizes added. ScottE, entry brings us to ten entries from six participants. I said if we got ten entries from at least five participants, I'd add another prize.

So now I'm added a boxed 10th Mountain Division Joe as shown. Forgive the cruddy picture. I didn't have one of my own handy, and filched this off a catalog site somewhere. I'll try to post a better shot later.

Your new goal is fifteen entries from ten different participants, and then I'm going to impose on Sean Huxler's kind offer of a TC talking sailor. If we hit fifteen entries OR ten participants, I'll throw a signed set of my "Age of Conan" trilogy paperbacks into the prize pool. Beat that with a stick.

You can help, by getting the word out. I frequent a number of YahooGroups, but not all of them, nor do I hang out on JoeWorld On-line or any of the other web-based forums. Let them know about this. More entries, more prizes!

Is he insane? Possibly.

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