Sunday, February 05, 2006

He was a good cat

Sadly, for those of you have been following the situation (and thanks to those who have sent messages of support or concern), I have to report that we lost our cat Banzai last night after a long battle with liver problems. We bottle fed him for six weeks, hoping he'd turn around, but it wasn't to be.

After a couple-day rally that made us think he might be getting better, he became very weak and strongly fought being fed. He was curled up in his (open) cat-carrier last night while we were watching a DVD. The movie had just ended when he howled loudly, like a kitten calling mama. We went in to check on him, and he calmed down immediately when I petted him. He just seemed to be calling us so he wouldn't be alone. He seemed to fall into a quite coma, his breathing became slightly labored, and he went peacefully, which is about the best we could hope for, under the circumstances. We buried him in the corner of the front yard, where I can see him from my office/Joe room.

He was a great little cat, always full of mischief, as you can see from this picture. But fat and fuzzy as he was, he managed to walk through that whole set, with all its little bits and details, and never knock over a thing.

I'm going to miss him climbing down, monkey style, the 9-foot cat ladder that connects my wife's office in the attic with mine down in the converted garage. I can almost hear the little "wumpf!" as he jumps down onto the platform that serves as the landing for the ladder. (Perhaps knowing that was what I was thinking about, our other Cat, Oz, just appeared up there and climbed down. But he always steps lightly on the platform and announces himself with a little "meow." Banzai jumped down with that loud "wumph!" that was very distinctive.) I'm not ashamed to say I miss the little guy terribly.

Obviously, I could use some cheering up, and your Angry Joe Day photos will help in that respect. They're starting to trickle in (and I'll start posting shortly), but I need more, and the deal still stands. More entries and participants will generate more prizes. Make me happy, and make yourselves happy too, and send in your pictures.

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