Friday, February 03, 2006

Prizes! We got prizes!

Okay, I'm announcing the first of the prizes for the Angry Joe Day photo contest, a packaged "Valor vs. Venom" Wild Bill figure. This is one of my favorites in the series, with lots of kitbash potential. Worth it for the cowboy boots, hat, and the nice head sculpt alone. Also, I'm giving away a signed copy of my MechWarrior Dark Age novel, Fortress of Lies.

There may very well be more prizes. I've already got one more waiting in the wings, and a possibility of a donation by a third party. It just depends on how many entries I get. I'm not putting up five prizes here if I get three entries. Sorry. If the response is REALLY good, there's an especially choice Joe sitting here in the closet that I'm considering digging out, but only if the response is VERY good. You want this, you guys are going to have to work for it, because I want to keep it for myself!

So start filling up my in-box early, folks. Give me some incentive to announce more prizes!

And speaking of prizes, let me take a moment to plug Dave "Tanker's" 1/6th scale vehicle contest. He's just extended his deadline again to allow you guys to come up with more entries, and I'm one of the judges. So enter both contests, and win something!

Be sure to spread word of these to any 1/6th forums you frequent where you haven't already seen them posted. Thanks!

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