Monday, February 27, 2006

The LAST Angry Joe Day entry, courtesy of SailorDude!

Here's Joel's caption for the picture:

GI Joe 1964-2005
Action Man "He was my cousin. The Bastards!"
Power Joel "He was only 41 years old. I knew him most of my life. They cut him down in his prime!"
Cajun Tim "How did Power Gordon get here so fast?"
Power Thom "Power Joel...don't you think that you are a bit over dressed."
Power Joel "Power you think that you could have washed up a little first."
Barbie "He looks better dead than Ken looks alive. Hey, where do I get my cheeseburger?"
Han Solo "Boy, when THEY kick someone to the curb they do it right! Look at that crappy coffin."
Max Steel "Dude, this is a bummer!"
Lanard "They could at LEAST closed his eyes."

The figures in this photo are:
In the coffin GI Joe Land Adventurer Mejier Special
From left to right:
Soldier of the World, Action Man, Top Cop, Barbie, Power Team (PT) Gordon, PT Cajun Tim, PT Power Joel, PT Power Thom, Construction Jack Carpenter, 21C German Soldier, Dragon Natalie, Lanard, Max Steel and Star Wars Hon Solo.

Joe obviously was riding off into the sunset when somebody shot him in the back! Could be Hasbro, but Construction Jack looks awfully damned pleased with himself. If I were a detective investigating this crime, he'd be my prime suspect.

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