Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happy Joe Day!

I'm way behind here. We spent the long weekend in Pasco, Washington for the Radcon gaming/science-fiction convention. This was our first time attending this convention, and we had a great time. I've little doubt we'll be returning next year. I hauled along some cold-weather Joes and a Yeti, hoping for a photo op, but although the temperatures hovered in the mid-20s, it was dry and clear. Can't say that I'm complaining about that. That's a long way to be driving in the snow.

When I got back though, I had a case of con-crud. I'm not used to the dry desert air, or the pollen over there (I have bad hay-fever), and hotel air is just never good for you. So I've had a bit of a cough and runny nose since we got back.

All of which has led me to neglect the blog a bit. I've got several Angry Joe Day entries stacked up here to post. I'll try to get to that tonight.

But getting to the "Happy Joe Day" title for this post, the best news since the cancellation of the 12" Joe line just hit. Take a look at this year's membership figure for the GI Joe Collector's club, the "Foreign Adventurer" and the wonderful accessory set that you can purchase to go with him. Here's the link.

So this means that if you join (or renew) by the deadline, you're going to get a flocked vintage-type figure with a unique headsculpt (previously used for the "Battle of Kursk" convention set), an AT tank-tee, and shorts. But for a mere $25 there will be a nifty accessory kit to turn this into a fully-outfitted figure. It consists of brown boots, a black AT Jumpsuit (not a two-piece black uniform like the Black Spider set, though they look superficially similar), shoulder-holster and pistol, AT dog-tag, brown boots, and (most exciting to me) a black AT bomber jacket with AT logos on the front breast-pocket position and on the back!

I just can't say how great this is. The only way it could have been better would have been the addition of KFG hands. Apparently there was some production problem that made this impossible, but we've been assured that KFG hands will be available on Club offerings sometime in the future, so that's something to look forward to.

Not only does this look like a great set on it's own, but it's loaded with kitbash potential. You could get THREE AT figures out of this, by putting the tee, jumpsuit, and jacket on three different figures.

Anyway, it's just great that we have something positive to celebrate Angry Joe Day with. This is what you guys get for keeping the spirit of Joe alive. A big Angry Joe Day victory growl goes out to the GI Joe Collector's Club.

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